Album: A thwarted breakin attempt

     Album:A thwarted breakin attempt

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This is my fenced in parking lot where these two wonderful people decided to break in and see what they could steal. They were literally walking out the front gate with one of my gas scooters when I happened to be driving up. After a short confrontation where I quickly assessed their idiocy and confusion (examples: "You're breaking into private property and trying to steal my scooter!" responded to with "We were wondering if this scooter is for sale?").

It was so weird how idiotic they were. When I showed up they kept asking if the scooter was for sale. I pulled out my phone and the woman asked if I was calling the police. I said yes, and she told me it was '911'. Gee, thanks. Then she turned to the guy and said "we're going to jail" with a harumph. But after a bit then they started to walk away and I followed them and got the woman at least caught by the police. They ask for ID and she pulls out some prior arrest paperwork as proof of her identity. Lovely.

Unfortunately since they have a huge arrest record and clear mental issues there isn't much that can be done. So it goes! Back to locking the gate on a regular basis.

(The time shown is 1 hour earlier than actual because of missing DST)

Side note: it's pretty amazing if you watch it with the Benny Hill theme

(Courtesy Iain D. for noticing this perfectness.)

Or you can just watch the smaller version, it's got the audio already mixed in.

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