Album: The Fort

     Album:The Fort

Photos of the Fort, in reverse chronological order.
201405 Last-Days
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The complete fort
is on Google Satellite, as I discover just days before vacating. :) ( comments)
And street view,
showing the half finished front fencing ( comments)
Looking into the fort
( comments)
Sunset on the fort
( comments)
With my new hot tub
(after some hot tub repairs) ( comments)
The updated fortress patio
( comments)
I built a shed in 3 hours
(sped up 750x) [Video, 106M] ( comments)
The beginnings of the fortifications
( comments)
The new double-sized patio
and the garage moved to the front. (playing late night Rock Band!) ( comments)
The fort is on Google Maps Satellite!
I didn't see the image until 2014, when the fort had already changed significantly. ( comments)
Looking down on the fort
( comments)
The compound with "garage"
and patio flooring setup, also note the license plates for the bus and Model A. ( comments)
A daytime shot of the slightly more organized fort ( comments)
Day 3,
drain fixed, starting exterior electrical outlets and lighting ( comments)
The end of day 2,
cleaned up, fence fixed, ... ( comments)
Day 1 of Fort Dave
( comments)
Street view, 2012
( comments)
Satellite image, 2012
( comments)
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